Apple iPhones are using Sony camera sensors for a decade, confirms Tim Cook

Image credit: GadgetMatch

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, disclosed on Tuesday that Sony camera sensors have been used by the iPhone manufacturer. This is a remarkable disclosure from Apple, which often keeps its suppliers and technical details under wraps.

On Twitter, Tim Cook posted a photo of himself and Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida taken inside Sony’s CMOS sensor manufacturing site. He stated, “We’ve been working with Sony for more than ten years to develop the best camera sensors for the iPhone. I appreciate Ken and the entire staff taking me through the state-of-the-art facilities in Kumamoto today.

Analysts have long suspected that Apple used Sony cameras in its range of iPhones. Apple, though, never made the rumours official. Cook claims that the Apple-Sony agreement for camera gear is a long one that won’t expire anytime soon; at least, that’s how the visit came across.

According to recent rumours, Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 15 series would use cutting-edge Sony camera sensors. The iPhone’s new camera is anticipated to have a twofold saturation signal level in each pixel, enabling it to record a person’s face even in situations with strong backlighting.

Although supply chain analysts estimate that Samsung and LG are supplying the majority of OLED panels, and Corning is producing the front and back glass sheets for the iPhone, the Cupertino-based corporation also does not disclose the names of its battery and display suppliers. Apple’s chips are allegedly manufactured by TSMC.

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