Australia vs. India: Steve Smith claims a win would be more significant than the Ashes

Prior to the inaugural Test match, which is scheduled to be contested on February 9 in Nagpur, former Australian captain, Steve Smith declared that winning the series in India was more important than winning the Ashes series. Smith, one of his generation’s top Test bats, will be essential for Australia, which has only triumphed in one Test match against India since the 2004–2005 season. The middle-order batsman claimed that it would be more significant than winning the Ashes if they were to win a single Test match in India.

“Even a test series is challenging to win in this venue.” You see, it would be really significant if we were able to bring that rock down. According to Steve Smith, a victory in India would be more significant than an Ashes series.

Smith’s claim that winning in India is more uncommon than winning away from home in the Ashes was echoed by Australia captain Pat Cummins.

Australia’s history against India, both at home and abroad, has not been excellent, although the Test series have been hotly disputed. Bowler Mitchell Starc stated that the series against India has been the crown jewel of the Australian visiting squad and that this trip will be very special for their group.

“Playing a match in India would be very precious to our people. It has, in my opinion, always served as somewhat of an Australian visiting team’s royal gem. With such strange circumstances, it was one of, if not the toughest venue to play at, especially given how powerful the Indian squad is right now. For our group specifically, the current state of how much we are growing as a unit, learning from our experiences, evolving, and presenting them to the group, “It will be quite unique, in my opinion,” Mitchell Starc predicted.

The Indian team trounced Australia in back-to-back Test series in Australia, and Australia will be eager to get even. The team is concerned about a number of injuries and will be hoping that their top players perform at their absolute best throughout the four-match Test series.

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