Bengaluru Traffic Police Reaps Over ₹5.6 Cr in One Day with 50% Penalty Discount Offer

The Bengaluru traffic police department collected a substantial amount of revenue on Friday, February 3rd, after offering a 50% discount on all penalties for traffic violations. According to the recently appointed special traffic police commissioner, M. A. Saleem, more than 2 lakh violations were paid for, totalling to ₹5.6 crores. This is half the amount that was owed to the traffic police department, which is reportedly owed a total of ₹530 crores in penalty fees, ₹500 crores of which is from the state capital alone.

The discount offer, which is valid only until February 11th, has encouraged residents of Bengaluru to settle their outstanding penalties. A total of ₹2.2 crores was paid at the 48 traffic police stations in the city, ₹3.2 crores were paid virtually through online modes, and ₹19 lakhs was paid through the Bangalore One centres. Another ₹1.4 lakhs were obtained at the traffic management centre.

Residents who wish to pay their penalties can do so at local traffic police stations and Bangalore One centres in Bengaluru or visit the Bengaluru traffic police website. Those outside of Bengaluru can visit the Karnataka One centre or the nearest police stations to pay their fines.

This move by the Bengaluru traffic police department is aimed at promoting traffic rules compliance and reducing the number of outstanding penalties. The department has taken this step in the hopes of increasing revenue while also making it easier for residents to pay their fines.

The recent appointment of M. A. Saleem as special traffic police commissioner for Bengaluru indicates the city’s efforts to improve its traffic management and compliance with traffic rules. The department’s decision to offer a discount on penalties is a positive step towards reducing the outstanding penalties and improving the city’s traffic management.

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