Bigg Boss champion MC Stan finds a new home on reality television

After winning one of the most well-liked reality competitions in India, a 23-year-old rapper who was raised in a slum has gained widespread attention.

Until recently, MC Stan, a native of the western state of Maharashtra, was only well known to hip-hop and rap enthusiasts who admired his aggressive rhymes and unrepentant mannerisms.

However, since he showed up on the most recent season of Bigg Boss, the Indian equivalent of the UK’s Big Brother, his fan following has grown by millions. His name has been popular on social media since Sunday, when movie star Salman Khan, the show’s host, declared him the winner.

Stan had caused controversy long before he entered the Bigg Boss house, like many other rappers. He has come under fire for using sexually graphic and aggressive lyrics, demeaning women, and using his music to launch obscene attacks on his rivals. His former girlfriend reported him to the police last year, accusing him of assault. Despite the police’s investigation into the complaint, no arrests were made.

At the age of 12, Stan, whose true name is Altaf Tadavi, started performing in front of crowds. His family has not been extensively discussed, but his poor upbringing in a Pune city slum has played a significant role in his literature.

Stan was rarely interviewed by the media prior to his time on Bigg Boss. He told Platform that his brother had first introduced him to rap greats like Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, and Eminem while he was a high school student. Stan was moved by their music, and after that, he spent many hours researching them in seedy cyber cafés.

The rapper has recorded several tracks about police abuse and claims to have served time in prison. Stan discusses how he was falsely accused of killing someone in the song “Portion 307,” which is the section of the Indian Penal Code that deals with murder.

Stan carried his interpersonal skills with him when he entered Bigg Boss. The way he adapted to the opulent sets without losing sight of his roots also caught the attention of the viewers. Additionally, supporters would post on social media for days anytime he performed during the show, including an impromptu rap performance while breathing helium from a balloon. For them, Stan had accomplished the seemingly insurmountable feat of introducing rap, which was on the periphery of Indian music, into the mainstream.

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