British Indians protest against a BBC broadcast about Prime Minister Modi

The BBC’s hotly debated two-part movie on PM Narendra Modi, which the Indian government has obstructed and strictly forbids people from viewing or sharing clips on social networks, drew sizable audiences of Indian diaspora residents in Britain to protest outside the BBC’s London headquarters and its regional offices on Sunday.

India: The Modi Question was being aired on the BBC in the UK when demonstrators demanded that it be stopped. They carried signs reading, “Boycott BBC, British Bias Company, and BBC: You don’t earn public funds.” Outside the Oxford Circus BBC HQ, they hoisted the Indian flag and could be heard yelling “Shame on BBC and Bharat Mata Ki Jai.”

Real estate company owner and activist Vandana Sharma, 40, claimed the BBC broadcast “spread misinformation about the Indian PM based on misleading information.” She claimed that the BBC had omitted information from interviewees and “only aired what suited their purpose.”

“They did this to propagate a conspiracy theory about Muslims and Hindus in India, hoping to incite conflict between the two groups.” They lack the authority to challenge our Supreme Court. I will not watch the BBC. Why is this being shown right now? “Even though there are a lot of forces conspiring to have PM Modi defeated in 2024, she predicted that he would still triumph.”

The 48-year-old IT professional Vishwa Singh was one such demonstrator who questioned the motives of the BBC. “The Supreme Court investigated these riots for a decade, and Modi was never connected to anything.” Yet the BBC continues to harp on the subject. The BBC has no right to interfere with the internal affairs of another nation.

Pradeep Rajput, a campaigner, questioned why the BBC had previously left Kashmir off its maps of Hinduism and had never reported anything about Hindu girls being kidnapped in Pakistan. The documentary, in their opinion, leaves out important details, such as how the riots began.

Yash Nooka, a 32-year-old computer programmer, claimed that “not a single resident of the Hindu community murdered in the train (in Godhra)” had been questioned. Their aim is “pro-Islamist,” “anti-Indian,” and “anti-Hindu,” said Raj Agrawal, 40, who shared similar opinions. The opposing viewpoint is not presented. They have a goal of defaming Modi and India.

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