Britney Spears marries Sam Asghari after ex-husband Jason Alexander gatecrashes

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Britney Spears married fiancé Sam Asghari seven months after being released from a conservatorship, which she claimed stopped her from marrying.

On Thursday, the pair were married in a small ceremony in California.

However, plans were thrown off when Jason Alexander, who was married to the pop diva for a short time in 2004, was arrested for allegedly gatecrashing.

Before being attacked, he streamed a video on Instagram Live from inside her house before the ceremony.

An argument with security officials occurred, according to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department, and Mr Alexander was charged with four misdemeanour offences of trespassing, violence, and vandalism.

In 2004, Mr Alexander married Spears, a childhood acquaintance, for less than 55 hours before the marriage was annulled.

His video showed him roaming through her house, seeking her and then heading into a marquee where a massive display of roses was being finished up. He claimed Spears had invited him. “She’s my first wife, my only wife,” he claimed.

Madonna, Paris Hilton, and Drew Barrymore were allegedly among the guests at the ceremony, which took place later on Thursday. The bridal gown was designed by Donatella Versace, but no images have been posted.

However, Spears’ father, mother, and sister were said to be unable to attend the wedding due to strained connections caused by the conservatorship.

Spears, 40, was liberated from a contentious 13-year legal guardianship in November, in which her father, Jamie, retained authority over many parts of her life.

Spears met Asghari, a 28-year-old personal trainer, on the set of her music video for Slumber Party in 2016.

Last September, two months before the conservatorship ended, the pair became engaged.

Brandon Cohen, Asghari’s representative, confirmed the couple’s wedding to the Associated Press on Thursday.

Mr Asghari is the third husband of the actress. From 2004 to 2007, she was married to Kevin Federline, whom she met after Mr Alexander.

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