BTS announce break to grow and pursue solo projects

Image credit: Yahoo News

BTS, a South Korean boy band known for their catchy, energetic songs, has announced that they will be taking a hiatus.
During a televised dinner marking their anniversary, the band announced that they would be pursuing solo ventures.
Jimin, a member of the band, stated that the group had been going through a “tough patch.”
BTS revealed the news on Tuesday during their annual FESTA dinner, where the members reminisced and discussed the future.
Their entire conversation, which lasted over an hour, was taped and uploaded on their official YouTube channel.
Although a band official later contradicted this, an English translation shows one band member referring to the break as a “hiatus.”
“To be clear, they are not on hiatus,” Hybe, the entertainment organisation in charge of BTS, claimed. They will, however, take some time to work on solo projects while being active in a variety of venues.”
The Grammy-nominated group’s formation was commemorated at the FESTA dinner, which included RM, Jungkook, Jin, Jimin, Suga, J-Hope, and V.
RM stated during the conversation that while BTS had accomplished a lot, the individual members needed to mature and evolve as individuals.
“I’ve always felt BTS was unique, but the problem with K-pop and the idol system, in general, is that you don’t get enough time to mature,” he explained.
The singer went on to say that he now wanted to think about BTS’s future as a group and as individuals. Others agreed, saying that taking a sabbatical had been a difficult decision.
BTS, whose members range in age from 24 to 29, debuted in 2013 with their debut EP.
Dynamite, Butter, and the Coldplay collaboration My Universe, all of which reached number three on the UK singles chart, are among their biggest hits. In a recent chart compiled by the music industry group the IFPI, BTS was voted the world’s best-selling artist in 2021.
The trio debuted the music video for Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment), the title tune from their new collection album Proof, earlier this month.

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