Dr. Bhratri Bhushan tirelessly strives to improve the ever-evolving healthcare sector

The world’s only constant is ‘change’ which has been coined to be inevitable. The healthcare sector must adapt to meet new needs and offer care as the world evolves. Every person’s physical and financial health depends on the healthcare sector in India. The effective implementation and enforcement of policies depend on the work of healthcare professionals. But now, more than ever, we require these experts. One such evolving name in the realm is Dr. Bhratri Bhushan who is a consultant medical oncologist and assistant professor of medicine at Ananta institute of medical sciences.

Dr. Bhratri was the chairman of the medical oncology department and served as a consultant at the Jindal Institute of Medical Sciences in Hisar prior to this. He has experience giving cancer patients more than 50,000 cycles of chemotherapy. Under his direction, the group of medical experts has access to cutting-edge cancer treatment equipment, such as the Elekta Versa HD linear accelerator for administering radiation therapy, a modular operating room with full laparoscopy compatibility for all types of cancer surgeries, hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy for treating advanced cancers, a dedicated chemotherapy daycare ward with biosafety cabinets, and all cancer medications, including conventional and nonconventional, among others.

All forms of cancer, including solid malignancies, haematological malignancies, benign haematological disorders, gynaecological tumours, and paediatric cancers, are treated by Dr. Bhratri Bhushan. He wants to provide high-quality care at a reasonable price. More than 125 books on the topic of oncology have been written by this medical expert, many of which have achieved bestseller status. He has also written numerous articles, reviews, case studies, and research papers that have been published in prestigious international journals. He has released eight poetry books with his internationally recognised poems in addition to academic works. His best-selling books include Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia: A Survival Guide for Patients, Acute Myeloid Leukemia: A Survival Guide for Patients, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma: A Comprehensive Review of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Breast Cancer: A Definitive Guide for Patients, Caregivers, and Healthcare Professionals, a four-volume oncology board review, and A Comprehensive Review of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Owing to his expertise, Dr. Bhatri Bhushan has been awarded Rajasthan Gaurav Award, Bharat Jyoti Award, Asia’s top doctor award, Healthcare excellence award by Brands Impact, Excellence in Oncology Indian Health Professional Award, National Education Brilliance Award, Education Leadership Award, International Leadership Award, Changemaker of the year award. Recently, the prodigy has garnered the title of “Most promising leader in medical oncology education”.

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