Ed Sheeran performs on the spot in Ipswich

Image credit: NME

In Ipswich, Ed Sheeran performed in a last-minute concert.

A large crowd gathered to witness the celebrity sing his popular song The A-Team in front of the town hall.

He said, “I’ve played here so many times and have such a love for this area. I’m really thrilled to be back here, “as he addressed the crowd.

The singer is a supporter of Ipswich Town and currently resides in Framlingham, Suffolk, where she spent her formative years.

At his most recent outdoor performance on the Cornhill, he sang songs from his most recent album, including Sing, Don’t, and Overpass Graffiti.

When Arthur, 10, overheard Sheeran performing while en route to a guitar lesson, he chose to forgo the lesson in favour of watching the singer perform.

Sheeran gave him his guitar after the performance and inscribed it, “Arthur, keep playing!”

He claimed to be “already obsessed” even though he had only been playing the instrument for six months.

From this point on, I’m going to get so much better, and it’s going to be amazing to look back on this and realise how fortunate I was to receive a guitar from Ed Sheeran, he said.

“What a wonderful opportunity for Ipswich, and what a gift from our dear Ed to Ipswich,” said Helen, his mother.

The singer announced on Instagram that he would be performing for free near Ipswich Town Hall soon.

“I haven’t been back to play a show in Ipswich since I played the Chantry Park shows,” Sheeran informed the crowd. But those performances at Chantry Park were perhaps my first since 2010.

The singer did perform in the town’s The Swan pub in 2010, but he also neglected to mention that he performed there three times in a single day in 2014.

Additionally, an Ipswich Town supporter performed a solo set at the team’s Portman Road stadium in 2021 while coronavirus restrictions were in effect. The performance was live-streamed on TikTok.

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