Former US President Donald Trump launches $99 NFT collection

Image credit: Coingape

A set of digital trading cards picturing Donald Trump, a former US president, as various characters, including a superhero, astronaut, and Nascar driver, has been made available.

The exceptional artwork from my life and career is featured on these limited edition cards, according to Mr. Trump.

Last month, the billionaire started his third presidential bid. He promised to make a “major announcement” this week, which sparked rumours.

Some observers predicted a potential running mate for his presidential ambitions. The alternative was a promotional film that Mr. Trump posted on his “Truth Social” social media website.

The animation depicted the former president ripping open his shirt to reveal a superhero suit with the letter T engraved on it in front of Trump Tower in New York, while lasers were shooting from his eyes.

The cards, which cost $99 (£81) each, “would make a terrific Christmas gift,” he said. Additionally, purchasers will be placed in a contest with a chance to win prizes like a gala dinner or a round of golf with Mr. Trump.

NFTs have been praised as the digital version of collectibles, but others have raised concerns about potential market risks.

“One-of-a-kind” assets in the digital world can be bought and sold just like any other item of property, although they do not have a physical form of their own.

They are comparable to ownership documents for physical or digital assets.

Popular Republicans have joined the chorus of those who have criticised the action on social media.

Some speculated that the sale of NFTs was made to generate cash for Mr. Trump’s ongoing legal battles.

The money wouldn’t be used for his presidential campaign, according to the NFT’s website.

“These digital trading cards are not political and have no link to any political campaign,” stated the statement.

The statement continued, “Donald J. Trump, The Trump Organization, CIC Digital LLC, or any of its respective principals or affiliates, are not owners, managers, or controllers of NFT INT LLC.

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