Google’s Bard AI bot error causes shares to lose $100 billion

In the competition for the “greatest artificial intelligence technology,” Google is looking for ways to persuade the public that it remains in the lead.

And so far, the digital giant seems to be offering the wrong remedy.

It was shown answering incorrectly to a query in a commercial that was designed to highlight its new AI bot.

The market value of the sector decreased by $100 billion on Wednesday as a result of “Alphabet’s parent firm’s stocks falling more than 7%.”

In a Twitter discussion, the bot Bard was asked for advice on how to explain the “James Webb Space Telescope’s” innovations to a 9-year-old. On Monday, Bard made his debut.

It responded that the observatory was the first to capture images of a planet outside of our solar system, but the European Very Large Telescope actually achieved that feat in 2004. Astronomers immediately caught this error on Twitter.

Investors were dissatisfied with the industry’s disclosure to stakeholders about its aspirations to incorporate AI technology into its products.

Since Microsoft-backed OpenAI’s new ChatGPT software was made available in late 2017, Google has come in for criticism. It gained popularity right away due to its propensity for producing song lyrics, passing business school examinations, and providing answers to other questions.

Microsoft said last week that an enhanced version of its Bing search engine, which has lagged behind Google for years, would leverage ChatGPT technology in even more intricate ways.

Investors have backed the advancement of artificial intelligence, but detractors have warned that its premature release increases the risk of errors or other biased conclusions, as well as issues with plagiarism.

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, lost 12,000 employees last month, or around 6% of its global workforce, in addition to layoffs at numerous leading tech firms.

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