Little Umbrella Foundation introduces alternate education methods to encourage, educate, and empower children.

Prity Banerjee, DirectorFounder,Little Umbrella Foundation

Little Umbrella Foundation is a Non-Profit organization that works towards the welfare of underprivileged children. Little Umbrella uses alternate education methods and workshops to encourage, educate, and empower children that would help them to shape their future. It also aims to bridge the gap between kids from affluent and underprivileged backgrounds by stimulating community participation that focuses on teaching children in a fun way through storytelling, painting, dancing, theater, film making, and other co-curricular activities. Little Umbrella Foundation organizes skill training classes including film-making workshops, chocolate, candle-making workshops, and other such productive workshops.

With a mission to nurture each child spiritually, morally, intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically, Little Umbrella Foundation has hand-held several kids. Prity Banerjee, the founder of Little Umbrella Foundation always believed in a happy childhood and equal rights for children. She always felt a strong connection with the children and wanted every child to get a basic education. She knew serving humanity was the purpose of her life and devoted her life to child education and women empowerment. As a management professional and creative curator, she has introduced several kids-friendly teaching methods to nurture and evolve children involved in begging and rag picking, and other non-productive activities. ‘Service before Self’ is her mantra for living a happy and contented life.

Little Umbrella Foundation is proud to have an enthusiastic team of volunteers who share the same vision as that of the organization. Right from student interns, to homemakers, to working professionals, they unitedly work together to uplift society. With every volunteering activity, they aim to create a safe and better world for the children. With a vision to become the handiest NPO program to handle the educational quality gaps of children and help India improve its rankings in social development indicators, the dynamic team marches ahead in its journey. Little Umbrella Foundation is working in pan India and is taking classes for 537 students who have registered under Virtual Vidyalaya.

Several philanthropic work and active contributions have brought the organization many accolades such as the Global Gandhi peace awards 2020 and Global choice awards 2021 respectively. Little Umbrella Foundation is also currently nominated for the Business world awards 2021 for mental health initiatives. The organization has also been featured in National channels and Radio channels. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Little Umbrella initiated one of its biggest projects named ‘Virtual Vidyalaya’ India’s first free online school for students of classes 1 to 12. Little Umbrella has helped more than 100 children to obtain an Aadhaar card under its project – Pehchaan in 2015.

With a belief ‘To serve humanity is to serve God’, Little Umbrella Foundation is determined to empower children and transform them into better individuals. Visit if you wish to be a change-maker.

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