Manjari Narayan proves how persistence feeds creativity to attain success

Many artists enter the world brimming with passion and natural creativity and go on to become artists after dabbling in other fields.The ability to be creative is something that each human possesses. It really is about looking at relationships and trying to realise one’s full potential. One such example is Manjari Narayan who true epitome of ‘Jack of all traits’. This prodigy has acclaimed new horizons of success in various fields as she is an Author, Painter, Philanthropist, and Singer. Recently, Manjari marks the beginning of her journey is the world of blogging with her thought-provoking blogs.

She has worked on numerous projects which cover varied segments of creativity. The prodigy believes that it might be simple to get sidetracked by what other people think when attempting to embrace a part of our inner potential. Creativity is no different. In fact, She says, “I can’t think of anything about myself that needs more defence from outside influence than my creativity and writing. To many, the notion that artistic abilities are inherited seems far-fetched. I would like to emphasise that anyone can become a great artist. It just takes determination, hard work, and consistent practise. A talent for creating good art is certainly useful, but it is insufficient. The willingness and desire to work hard to improve your craft and skills is also important.”

When asked what would she suggest the budding artists of today, Manjari Narayan went to state, “ In my opinion, Artists are products of their age and place, both artistically and socially. Artists must study a tradition to confront it. The vision is inherent, just like natural talent. However, how that vision is realised is influenced by the artist’s period and place, the local artistic tradition, education, and life experience.”

Owing to her versatility and skills, she has garnered many applause and appreciation.  Manjari Narayan was also awarded with the title of”Nari Shakti Samman” in the year 2018. The artist considers that both nature and nurture play a part in how talent develops, whether it comes naturally or can be learnt through hard work and expert instruction. She has honed her artistic skills through consistent practice and persivierence towards her work.

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