“Milan Fashion Week” began and ended amid the scorching summer heat.

Zegna concluded its four-day showcase at “Milan Fashion Week” with an outdoor event held behind City Hall amidst bales of raw linen, providing a pleasant view for city workers. To combat the sweltering heat, Zegna Fashion thoughtfully offered iced coffee and linen baseball caps to keep attendees cool and comfortable.

As temperatures rose, Milanese designers directed their attention towards creating clothing that allowed for fluidity and unrestricted movement. In a departure from streetwear brands’ long shorts, the runways introduced thigh-revealing Bermuda shorts as a viable alternative to trousers, even for city attire.

Here are some noteworthy highlights from the final day of Milan Fashion Week, which predominantly showcased menswear previews for the upcoming spring and summer seasons:

Giorgio Armani’s signature collection aimed to demonstrate how urban men should dress, even in the scorching summer heat. The 88-year-old designer emphasized that his creative process begins with a pencil and a blank piece of paper, symbolized by a large sharpened pencil serving as the backdrop for the runway show. Armani’s iconic signature was prominently displayed on the back wall.

The majority of looks were finished with soft, loosely hanging jackets, which Armani described as a nod to Asian elegance. Prints inspired by weaving adorned silken shirts, jackets, and trousers, harmonising with the espadrilles and fishermen’s sandals. Although straw-brimmed Panama hats were intended for vacation wear, they were often carried rather than worn. The colour palette progressed from washed-out cream, tan, and sage to black and navy, occasionally enlivened by flashes of red.

Armani infused a sense of ease and informality into his tailored pieces by incorporating linen and keeping jackets and blazers mostly unbuttoned. As a result, a double-breasted jacket no longer retained its traditional formal appearance, according to Armani.

On the other hand, Indian designer Dhruv Kapoor’s collections aimed to transcend mere style and elevate the emotions of the wearer, encouraging them to dream big. Kapoor’s belief that clothing, with subtle adjustments, can tap into the energy of the universe was exemplified by showcasing the spring-summer 2024 runway collection in a calming blue room.

Overall, the final day of Milan Fashion Week highlighted the designers’ emphasis on comfort, movement, and the emotional impact of fashion.

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