Mr. Vatsal Desai-led Uniclan Healthcare on Its Way to Becoming the No. 1 

The healthcare and personal hygiene sector in India and worldwide has seen tremendous growth after the Covid19 outbreak. People are more careful than ever about their personal care and sanitisation needs. In this scenario, a number of Indian companies are dedicated to providing quality healthcare and personal hygiene products at affordable rates. Mr. Vatsal Desai-led Uniclan Healthcare is one such FMCG company focused on the healthcare and personal hygiene sector that manufactures top-quality baby diapers and sanitary pads with its brands Wowper and Wowpad, respectively. Moreover, Mr. Vatsal Desai has also received the Most Promising Entrepreneur of the Year Award, owing to his exceptional entrepreneurial contribution.

Mr. Vatsal Desai is the CEO of Uniclan Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. and under his leadership, the company has achieved a turnover of more than 200 cr. in the past two and a half years. In fact, Wowper and Wowpad are gradually becoming two of the most trusted brands in India. Uniclan Healthcare was born in 2016 with a vision of ensuring high-quality products designed for extreme comfort, guaranteed hygiene, and easy access to pan-Indian customers. Under its umbrella, Wowper Fresh Baby Pants has become a well-known baby diaper brand in India. Uniclan’s other brand Wowpad aims at providing hygienic sanitary napkins for the modern woman that caters to every woman from every segment of Indian society. It has also launched its face mask brand Wowpro to help you combat the pandemic.

Uniclan’s state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in pink city Jaipur started its operation in 2019 and has a production capacity of 300 million baby pant-style diapers and 300 million sanitary napkins per year. Moreover, its manufacturing facilities are equipped with ISO, WHO, GMP, CE, QA, and QC certifications, ensuring that the customers and investors receive the best and hygienic products. The Uniclan brand Wowper was recognised as the ‘BASES Top Breakthrough Innovations’ from NielsenIQ under the “Brand Growers” category in the FMCG Sector of India in 2021. It has achieved the Gold Seller Status on Flipkart Marketplace. In addition, Uniclan has bagged this year’s National MSME Award For Business Excellence for the ‘Outstanding Contribution Towards Hygiene Sector’ by the Global India Business Forum.

Uniclan is an employee-centric organisation that prioritises its employees. In Mr. Vatsal Desai’s own words, “At Uniclan, we do not have employees, we have family members.” the company has an annual employee turnover of less than 1%. Its workforce includes 350 employees on the factory payroll and 250 contractual labourers. Today, the Uniclan family has 1,000+ distributors and 200+ super stockists across the nation. Mr. Vatsal Desai is now determined to make Uniclan Healthcare the No. 1 healthcare and personal hygiene brand in India.        

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