Overtaking Facebook and Google, ChatGPT becomes the fastest app to reach 100 million users

100 million people have used OpenAI’s ChatGPT, a well-known chatbot with artificial intelligence.

Having only been in operation for two months since its November 2017 launch, ChatGPT has accomplished the milestone. It took Facebook four years to reach 100 million users, Myspace and Snapchat three years, Instagram two years, and Google just under a year.

According to the most recent benchmark, the chatbot’s popularity is skyrocketing and has created a stir online since it was introduced. The latest innovation has elevated ChatGPT to the status of a consumer application with the quickest rate of growth in web application history.

Since its November 30 launch, the chatbot’s smart and human-like responses have made it a go-to tool for people from a variety of professions and specialised fields. Among the most important innovations in recent years has been ChatGPT, which makes it easier to resolve difficult coding problems and respond to simple questions.

After ChatGPT has achieved a substantial level of acceptability, applications like Microsoft Communities are anticipated to integrate it into their user interfaces. Microsoft just revealed on its blog that ChatGPT will soon support Communities Premium subscribers. Reports claim that the chatbot will simplify platform meetings and other tasks.

The polarising debate over ChatGPT’s benefits and drawbacks was also prompted by the service’s rising fame. Some organisations publicly embraced it, while others, particularly educational institutions, avoided it out of concern that students may steal content.

Several news organisations, including BuzzFeed and Meta, have agreed to a $10 million contract to provide Facebook and Instagram with “ChatGPT-powered AI-generated content.” However, Forbes has banned chatbots. Despite the busy surroundings, the chatbot appears to be quickly acquiring various use cases.

Initially, ChatGPT was made accessible without charge. Within less than 2 months, OpenAI launched their trial subscription service, a faster variation of ChatGPT. The premium edition has a $20 monthly cost.

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