Taylor Swift steals the show again at American Music Awards

Image Source- Reuters

Superstar singer-songwriter Taylor Swift won all six trophies in competition at Sunday’s American Music Awards. 

With her new AMA award, Swift’s lifetime will be her 40th, breaking her record for most wins at the world’s most significant fan-voting awards ceremony. 

Dressed in a shimmer and sparkled at the award ceremony, the “anti-hero” singer said fan support over the past few years had inspired her to write more music, which makes her happier. At a ceremony in Los Angeles, Taylor Swift said, `A lot of my happiness is due to my fans. I can’t believe it,” she added. 

The 32-year-old has released four original albums and two re-recordings in the past three years, more than the last decade’s total output. Songs from her latest album, “Midnights,” have topped the top 10 of her Billboard singles chart after her October debut. 

The company apologised late Friday after Swift failed to mention a glitch that disrupted Ticketmaster’s tour sales last week in Sunday’s numerous acceptance speeches.

Other tributes to Swift on Sunday include videos of her favourite pop albums, country albums, and re-recordings of her 2012 album Red. The singer has re-released her past albums over a dispute with her former record label. As the Artist of the Year, Swift has performed impressively with Beyoncé, Harry Styles, The Weeknd, Drake, Adele, Bad Her Bunny, and more. Beat the name. The Puerto Rican rapper and singer won two awards for Favorite Latin Male Artist and Favorite Latin Album for “Un Verano Sin Ti.” 

pop singer Pink kicked off her AMA show by roller-skating, dancing, and singing along to her upbeat song “Never Gonna Not Dance Again.” Later in the ceremony, she performed “HopelessDevoted to You” in honour of “Grease” singer Olivia Newton-John, who passed away in August. And other 1980s hits and won the AMA Icon Award.

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