The leader of the “Wagner Group”, Ukraine, is making counter-attacks on Russia

On May 3, the leader of Russia’s “Wagner Group” mercenary force, Yevgeny Prigozhin, said that his forces were seeing increased activity along the border and that he thought the Ukrainian troops’ assured counterattack had already started.

Mr. Prigozhin added that a bold step against the counteraction would be taken soon in the coming days.

The Kyiv administration has long pledged a counteroffensive to begin reclaiming eastern areas that Russia occupied after invading in February 2022.

According to Prigozhin, “We are witnessing the most significant action both on the outer boundaries as well as on the front areas. I believe the Ukrainian army’s assault has presently begun.”

“I consequently think that everything has already begun. And I think that very soon, everything will move into an active phase. It might only take a few days.

In the conflict that has enveloped the village of Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine, Prigozhin subsequently claimed that his military had advanced 230 metres (700 feet). Around 70,000 people used to live in the destroyed town, which has been under siege for almost ten months.

According to Prigozhin, Ukrainian forces are currently confined to a section of the town that is only 2.64 square kilometres (or roughly one square mile) in size.

The combat reports could not be confirmed by Reuters.

Ukraine makes another attack on Russia for allegedly disobeying his requests to increase shell shipments. We only have enough supplies for a few days, according to Prigozhin, and the minister of defence has not given us any artillery ammunition. All of Wagner’s requests are ignored by them.

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