Twitter’s “Translation and Recommend” Feature is announced by Elon Musk

Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter, stated in a tweet on January 21 that Twitter will translate and suggest messages from “other” countries.

He wrote in a tweet, “In the months to come, Twitter will translate and promote wonderful tweets from individuals in other nations and cultures.” When he says “other regions,” it appears that he is referring to non-English-speaking countries.

What users in nations like Japan are saying on the website appears to have encouraged Musk. He mentioned this while expanding on the concept in the tweet’s comments section.

He began by writing, “There are spectacular tweets in other nations every day (Japan particularly),” before describing how Twitter will translate the tweets before recommending them to users based on their preferences.

The proposed feature has received mainly favourable feedback. Appreciation, advice, and even some criticisms have already been entered in the answers area.

Similar comments were made by the Twitter CEO on January 8; he said users may soon anticipate a feature that would let them slide left or right to switch between suggested and followed tweets. He has previously stated that these updates are a component of a far more comprehensive UI redesign. He stated that long-form tweets and a save button were also currently in the works.

In actuality, Musk’s currently pinned tweet also refers to new functionality for pinned lists.

If you want to have a better Twitter experience, use pinned lists! 1. On your profile page, click Lists. 2. List the accounts you want to follow. 3. Press the pin symbol. You can swipe left or right to switch between “For You,” “Following,” and “Lists,” it claims.

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